There are scores of young people who are developing cyber skills in their bedrooms which are of immense value in the business world. We are here to help them understand how to transform these self taught skills into a credible career within the cyber security industry.

Through HACKED, Bluescreen IT’s mission is to become a beacon for young people in the South West and beyond, enabling change for individuals like Johnny and highlighting the dangers of cybercrime.

The average age of a convicted hacker is just 17.

  • Objectives

    • Identify young people getting involved with cyber-crime though the people around them

    • Educate young people about the dangers of cyber-crime

    • Rehabilitate young people who have been involved with cyber-crime

  • Outcomes

    • Stop young people being drawn into cybercrime.

    • Create the urgently needed cyber professionals of the future

    • Strengthen cyber security awareness and activities in UK businesses

Hacked Awareness

  • history YouTube, browser search, favourites, chat, apps, wireless, programming history

  • application Kali's dragon, tor's onion / worldmap, Wireshark fin, Cain, Commandine

  • communications Forums, emails, chat groups, IRC, telegram, wickr

  • keywords VPN, Keyloggers, DDoS, proxy, pwned (owned), shell'd, dox'd, phished, bitcoin

  • everyday behaviour Socially isolated, irregular sleep patterns, unexplained money, strong political views

  • deception Screen switching, multiple accounts, lies

What to do now

  • Step 1:

    Approach with Positivity

    Acknowledge their skills level and talent. 'you're really good at this'.

  • Step 2:


    Tell them about the HACKED program. 'You know there's a place where you can do that'.

  • Step 3:

    Contact Us

    We'll be able to determine if they're involved with online criminal activity.

  • Step 4:


    Gently encourage them to attend the HACKED program.

  • Step 5:


    Give them ongoing support through the program.

private bug bounty program

what's it about

HACKED private bug bounty program is an initiative to help young people stay away from cyber crime and instead use their skills for the good of the community.
Under strict supervision, HACKED members use hacking techniques to find vulnerabilities in websites and public facing systems that belong to businesses that have signed up.
This allows local businesses to fixthe vulnerabilities before they are exploited by criminals.

how it works

  • sign your business up

  • notified once a vulnerability is found

  • issue reward

  • help hackers stay away from cyber crime

we need you

  • Sponsors

    Both financial sponsors and sponsors who can donate software, hardware and even training.

  • Supporters

    The HACKED program can only work if we have the support of schools, councils, and police etc. to help promote the HACKED awareness campaign.

  • Ambassadors

    Cyber Security professionals to become HACKED Ambassadors. They will act as role models for the HACKED participants and also contribute with training and guidance.

Contact us

If you would like to get in touch with the HACKED Team please use the contact details below.